1.Angel - if you choose angel your healing skill is raised by 10 from the start

2. daemon- if you choose demon you will get necro skill raised by 10

3. drow- if you are a drow your  posion skil is raised by 10

.4 orc-  orc will gain 15 strength 

.5 elf- if you choose elf your magery is raised by 10

.6 dragon- comes with flying and intel raised by 5

.7 wear squrill. comes with 10 to dex make good rouges

.8 fey

.9High Elf.

10. half orc.

11. halfling.

12. Tiger- Tigers strt with bounus 5 dex and 10 hiding

13. Fallen Angel - new

14. Goblin

More to come....

Today will be adding special things you may get per race stay tuned.