Just added new race The tiger has come to the land 

Comes 3 differnt hues white black and orange

Just added new player mines  for crafters   5/8/16

Auto account on for 4 days only 5/8/16 to 5/12/16 fully working 

must hurry its only for 4 days log in give it a trial run

you wont be disapointed

first 4 to log in will get a weapon 

no one will else will ever have

will be named and blessed

only to the first 4

the stats will be added by me

New-- Drugdealer system 

and harvestable ganja

Players can now deal drugs

And boat controll go to photos to see screen shot

also added ridable packmule for you crafters

will be tamble if a tamer wants to find you one :P

players are now able to buy static houses 

of course with rp reasons

Just added gametim system 

the longer you are in game the better points you may get

1 token per 10 min 10 per hour