1. no medagaming

2. do not be an ass hat

3. no random killing

4. this is a role play server try to stay in char if possible, must you go out of char use [ooc

5. once you make a race there is no going back any one caught trying to use races multple times

will be removed no questions asked. the rules are pretty simple so please follow them other wise have fun.

toons are auto delete you get 5 deletes a month if needed

If you do not role play that is fine join us any way all I ask is do not ruin it for those who do

Thank you

Rules for live chat

You may come in ask any thing you want

Laugh have fun if you are being rude you will be asked one time to stop

if you do not stop you will be kicked  we are here to have fun not be disrespected

come in sit back enjoy the server.